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About Us

At Kick-Ass Seniors NFP, our mission is to empower senior citizens to safely and confidently embrace technology. We provide free cybersecurity education, resources and support to help bridge the digital divide for older adults. Our goal is to equip seniors with the knowledge, tools and community they need to navigate the online world securely.


‚ÄčKick-Ass Seniors NFP aims to make cybersecurity awareness and technical literacy accessible to senior citizens. Our tailored programs and services help seniors learn essential skills to protect themselves from digital threats. We offer cybersecurity workshops, personalized coaching, community support forums, educational materials and more - completely free for seniors. Our team of experts provides compassionate guidance to seniors, enabling them to enjoy the benefits of technology while staying safe online. We are bridging the digital divide.

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To empower seniors to safely navigate the digital landscape through free, comprehensive cybersecurity education, resources, and support.


A future where seniors actively participate and thrive in the digital world with confidence and security.

Core Values


We are dedicated to protecting seniors' wellbeing in the digital age.


We believe in empowering seniors with knowledge and skills to manage technological change.


We strive to make technology accessible, understandable, and beneficial for all seniors.


We approach our mission with empathy, patience and respect for the needs of seniors.


We are dedicated to protecting seniors' wellbeing in the digital age.

Our History

Kick-Ass Seniors NFP was founded in 2023 by a team of tech experts, senior care advocates and non-profit leaders from Geeks CRS, the fastest-growing micro-tech service provider in Australia, who recognized the need for specialized digital literacy training for the elderly. Throughout the years of providing tech, IT, and computer services to households and business, it has been noted that many seniors are left behind and vulnerable to online scams, fraud and privacy breaches. Kick-Ass Seniors NFP was created to address this pressing issue through empathy, education and community support.

Our Background

Over the past year, we have helped hundreds of seniors learn cybersecurity best practices, make their online accounts more secure, avoid online scams and meaningfully connect through technology. Our offerings now include in-person and virtual workshops, digital toolkits, one-on-one coaching and mentoring, and an online forum managed by trusted moderators. We are constantly enhancing our programs based on participant feedback to provide the most accessible and empowering experience.